Ferrofluid displacement in a simple 2.5D micromodel

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The dataset contains a series of images of a varying-depth converging-diverging single-channel micromodel during ferrofluid flooding without and then with an external magnetic field. One image shows the initial oil saturation after ferrofluid flooding without a magnetic field, and twelve images show the oil saturation after the magnetic field was turned on. Only eight pores in the flow channel are shown in these images, while there are more than 100 pores in the flow channel. The flow direction is from right to left. The bright non-wetting phase is the oil and the dark wetting phase is the ferrofluid. The time of the image is marked in the file name, with the time rounded to the nearest half-hour. The injection rate is 0.1 microliter per hour, or 3.0 pore volumes per hour, where the latter is evaluated by the total pore volume of the whole micromodel. See 'related publications' tab for codes and details.


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  • Yifei Liu (China University of Petroleum East China)
  • Luming Cha (China University of Petroleum East China)
  • Masa Prodanovic (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Matthew Balhoff (UT-Austin)


May 31, 2021


ODC-BY 1.0

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