Saturated solute transport micro-CT dataset in Savonnières limestone

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This dataset contains time-resolved laboratory-based micro-CT images of saturated solute injection experiments in Savonnières limestone. The data were acquired with a gantry-based micro-CT system specially designed for in-situ imaging (UGCT). The experiments were imaged at 12 s per scan with a voxel size of 14.6 µm (Bultreys et al., 2016). Each fast imaging experiment was preceded by a higher quality slower pre-scan to determine the static pore structure. Pore-scale concentration fields can be quantified, based on the grey values in the resolved pore space. With these concentration fields, solute spreading and mixing during tracer injection experiments can be investigated. Further details on the analyses of such micro-CT images can be found in Van Offenwert et al. (2019). In addition to the dataset 'Saturated solute transport micro-CT dataset in sintered glass and Bentheimer sandstone' (10.17612/5ww0-gh34), this dataset contains data on solute transport in more heterogeneous porous media. It can be used to investigate the influence of pore-scale heterogeneity and the volumetric pump velocity (the Péclet number) on transport processes.


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  • Tom Bultreys (Ghent University)
  • Marijn Boone (Ghent University)
  • Veerle Cnudde (Universiteit Gent)


Feb. 3, 2020


ODC-BY 1.0

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