Saturated solute transport micro-CT dataset in sintered glass and Bentheimer sandstone

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This dataset was used in the study of Van Offenwert et al. (2019). It contains time-resolved laboratory-based micro-CT images of saturated solute injection experiments in sintered glass and Bentheimer sandstone. Based on the grey values in the resolved pore space, pore-scale concentration fields can be quantified. To estimate its uncertainty, calibration scans where the pores were saturated with a known tracer (CsCl) concentration were performed at 12 s per scan with a voxel size of 13 µm ('Calibration experiments'). The tracer injection experiments were imaged at 15 s per scan with a voxel size of 13.4 µm (‘Tracer injection experiments’). Each fast imaging experiment was preceded by a higher quality slower pre-scan to determine the static pore structure. All data were acquired with a gantry-based micro-CT system specially designed for in-situ imaging (UGCT). The aim was to analyze pore-scale solute concentration fields to investigate solute spreading and mixing during tracer injection experiments. Further details on the analyses of the micro-CT images can be found in Van Offenwert et al. (2019). The dataset can be used to investigate the influence of pore-scale heterogeneity and the volumetric pump velocity (the Péclet number) on transport processes.


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  • Tom Bultreys (Ghent University)
  • Veerle Cnudde (Universiteit Gent)


July 1, 2019


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