PNM vs. DNS Intercomparison Dataset for Transport in Micromodels

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The modeling data contained herein corresponds to the following publication: Mehmani, Y., Tchelepi, H.A., "Minimum Requirements for Predictive Pore-Network Modeling of Solute Transport in Micromodels", Advances in Water Resources, (2017), These include: =========== 1) STL files used in direct numerical simulations (DNS) 2) Pore networks extracted using the developed method therein (data + images) 3) Matlab script for plotting the pore networks 4) Predicted breakthrough curves (DNS and PNM) Definitions: ======== PNM = pore network modeling (in-house Matlab code) DNS = direct numerical simulation (OpenFOAM) Notes: ===== All simulation domains are planar 3D micromodels (or 2D with an out-of-plane thickness), in which solid grains are sandwiched between two parallel plates.The pore space is thus 3D, with the top and bottom plates contributing to flow resistance. However, for visualization and network extraction purposes, it suffices to work with 2D images, which can be protruded in the out-of-plane direction to obtain the 3D geometry. All plots uploaded to this project are therefore 2D plane views.


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  • Hamdi Tchelepi (Stanford University)


Jan. 4, 2017


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