Massangis Jaune carbonate

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The Massangis Jaune variety of the Massangis limestone (France) is an ooid-dominated grainstone containing detrital micrite and bioclasts. Within the bulk of this rock, patches of several cubic centimeters with a different microstructure and a lower porosity occur seemingly randomly (Boone et al., 2014). The bulk, from which the sample used in this work was selected, has a porosity of 11.6% (measured by mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) to avoid averaging the porosity of the bulk and the patches) (Boone et al., 2014). It contains interparticular moldic macropores due to dedolomitization. The macropore network may or may not percolate, depending on the local amount of (de)dolomitization. Depending on this, permeability can range from 70 mD (measured by portable permeameter) to values on the order of 0.03 mD. Microporosity can be found in the partially dissolved dolomite lining the molds and in local ooids.


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Sept. 13, 2016


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