Particulate straining in simple porous media

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A number of glass bead packs have been sintered to slightly consolidate them and create artificial rock samples with high porosity (~42%) and uniform grain size (~1 mm). One of the samples was imaged with x-ray microtomography, and the others were flooded with different suspensions. Core flooding has been done for different flow rates, concentrations and bimodal particle sizes and each sample and CT images were taken before and after each suspension flood. The samples are labelled as follows: 1. The alphabet signifies the particle size: F = particle size 50/100 micron B = particle size 25/100 micron R = particle size 25/50 micron 2. The second two digit are the flow rate is cubic centimeter per minute 3. The last two digit (divide by 10) are the total injection concentration e.g. F6005 implies: - particle size = 50/100 micron - flow rate = 60 cc/min - total injection concentration = 0.5% CT data has been acquired in Dr. DiCarlo Lab in Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, UT Austin. X-ray microfocus CT scanning was performed at the Chevron Digital Petrophysics Laboratory <


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  • Masa Prodanovic (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • David DiCarlo (The University of Texas at Austin)


April 26, 2016


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