X-Ray Tomography Dataset of Steady-State Two-Phase Flow in Bentheimer Sandstone

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We conducted experiments on a Bentheimer sandstone rock to observe two-phase flow at steady-state. The experiments involved injecting oil and water at a consistent total flow rate while recording pressure drops at various fractional flow rates using high-precision differential pressure sensors. The capillary number for the experiments was 2.5E-7. To observe the flow patterns, we injected brine and decane at different water fractional flow rates ranging from 0 to 100%. We used a Zeiss XRM-510 X-ray microscope with a flat panel detector to scan the middle part of the sample three times with approximately 25 overlaps to acquire high-resolution images. The scans were taken at an X-ray energy and power of 80 keV and 6.5 W, respectively, with 2200 projections for each scan. Using the Zeiss Reconstructor Software, we performed three-dimensional image reconstructions. The scans were normalized and resampled using the Lanczos algorithm and stitched together to produce a complete image of the middle part of the sample at each fractional flow. The resolution of the image is 3.85 μm.


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  • Martin Blunt (Imperial College London)
  • Branko Bijeljic (Imperial College)


April 25, 2023


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