Nitrogen and brine injected into Estaillades carbonate - steady-state experiments

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This data is micro-CT images of the simultaneous injection of nitrogen and brine into a porous carbonate rock (Estaillades). The images were acquired during steady-state, which was deduced from a plateau in the differential pressure across the sample. The experiments were conducted in the capillary dominated regime (the total flow rate was kept constant, with the fractional flow (fw) changed in sequence 0.85fw, 0.7fw, 0.5fw, 0.25fw, 0.03fw, 0fw). There is the high Ca experiment where the total flow rate was kept constant at 0.8ml/min and a low Ca experiment where the flow rate was kept constant at 0.1ml/min. The data set includes the tomograms and segmented data for a 1000x1000x1000 voxel cube (voxel size = 3.9 microns). This data set is described in detail in the publications: and


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  • Samuel Krevor (Imperial College London)
  • Martin Blunt (Imperial College London)
  • Tom Bultreys (Ghent University)


Nov. 20, 2020


ODC-BY 1.0

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