Bentheimer Sandstone Two-Fluid Flow Simulation Resembling Special Core Analysis Protocol

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The dataset provides simulated two-fluid distributions generated by an open-source lattice-Boltzmann fluid solver LBPM, ( Direct pore scale simulations were performed with a Bentheimer sandstone sample uploaded by Laura Dalton ( The mixed-wet two-fluid flow simulation was initialized from a morphological drainage with a residual water saturation Swi=0.08; all solid voxels in contact with oil were assigned to different wetting conditions while a strongly water-wet condition was assigned to the solid surface in contact with water, which mimics an aging process. Then simulations of steady-state relative permeability coupled by the dedicated morphological tools (detailed in Related Publications) were performed. The dataset provides the fluid distributions at three representative water saturation for different wetting conditions. The dataset consists of two parts: (1) unsteady state imbibition after morphological drainage; (2) steady-state relative permeability simulations with morphological algorithms embedded.


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  • James McClure (Virginia Tech)
  • Thomas Ramstad (Equinor ASA)


Nov. 2, 2020


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