Time-resolved X-ray microtomography non-equilibrium and quasi-equilibrium two-phase flow in glass beads

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This project includes 2 time-resolved X-ray microtomography experiments performed in glass bead packs. The two datasets are differentiated by the flow condition controlling each experiment, non-equilibrium (nonEq) and quasi-equilibrium (quasiEq). Each dataset includes segmented images comprising primary drainage (PD), main imbibition (MI), main drainage (MD), and a few scanning imbibition (SI) and drainage (SD) curves. The quasiEq data also includes some interfacial relaxation data. The tomographic images were collected with a 3.2 um voxel resolution and a scanning time of 14 s (variable temporal resolution between scans of 1-5 min).The data was collected on GSECAR's 13-BM-D beamline at the Advanced Photon Source (APS), Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). Further information on the experimental methods can be found in Meisenheimer et al. (2020). The data was collected to investigate the effect of interfacial relaxation present in quasi-equilibrium conditions on macroscopic invariants (i.e. wetting saturation, average capillary pressure, specific interfacial area, and Euler characteristic) and their constitutive relationships (e.g. Pc-Sw-anw).


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  • Douglas Meisenheimer (Oregon State University)


May 22, 2020


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