A full-size fracture of tight sandstone induced by water, N2 and CO2

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The tight sandstone samples collected from Yanchang oil field , China are used to conduct hydraulic fracturing experiment with fluid of water, N2 and CO2. These samples are scanned by Micro-CT scanning pre and post-hydraulic fracturing experiment. All of the images are obtained on the resolution ( voxel size ) of 53 μm under working voltage of 120 KV and current of 62.5 μA. After rock was scanned, the whole-size fracture can be extracted through post-processing method. Furthermore, the morphology of fracture and the quantitative attributes of fracture, such as fractal dimension, aperture etc, are analyzed based on these scanned images. Additionally, the extracted fractures from image data can be directly used into numerical model of fracture simulation. We upload these initial slice images of scanned rock to this project, which include rock sample pre-experiment and samples fractured by water, nitrogen and SC-CO2. Rock dimension: diameter of 50 mm, height of 100 mm.


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  • Bin Wang (Louisiana State University)


April 18, 2020


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