Berea sandstone: X-ray micro-CT imaging of waterflooding in a water-wet and a mixed-wet sample

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X-ray micro-CT images of waterflooding in Berea sandstone. The datasets consists of two images: - segmented water-wet sample (Berea_Unaltered_waterflooding_segmented) - segmented mixed-wet sample (Berea_Altered_waterflooding_segmented) The images were segmented into six phases: clay minerals; quartz-feldspar minerals; cemented calcite; others highly X-ray attenuating minerals; brine phase; oil phase. These images have been employed to investigate the role of mineralogy in controlling rock wetting state in oil-brine systems. For additional information, please refer to Garfi et al. (2019): Garfi Gaetano, Qingyang Lin, Steffen Berg, Cédric M. John, and Sam Krevor. 2019. “Fluid Surface Coverage Showing the Controls of Rock Mineralogy on the Wetting State.” EarthArXiv. December 13. doi:10.31223/


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  • Qingyang Lin (Zhejiang University)
  • Steffen Berg (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)
  • Samuel Krevor (Imperial College London)


Feb. 4, 2020


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