Fracture Patterns in Laminated Mancos Shale

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Mancos shale samples scanned pre and post-triaxial testing. Triaxial testing at various stress loading paths and confining pressures ranging from 100 to 500 psi. Videos of fracture network visualization using Fiji/Image-J post-triaxial testing can be found here: X-ray power ranging from 16.9 to 30.3 W. Copper filters used with thicknesses varying from 0 to 0.25 mm. Exact voltage and current settings for each scan are listed separately. Scanned at 4 fps (frame per second) with an exposure time of 250 ms to give 2984 projections over 360°. Image type is 16-bit. Image properties for each scan are listed separately. Resolution (both voxel size and spot size) ranging from 65 to 75 µm Device: Nikon XTH-225 Graduate Research Assistants: Matthew Ramos and Jeffery Luo Principal Investigator: Dr. Nicolas Espinoza ( Facility Location: The University of Texas at Austin


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  • Matthew Ramos (University of Texas at Austin)
  • D Nicolas Espinoza (The University of Texas at Austin)


March 13, 2019


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