A time-resolved synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography dataset of a waterflood in an altered mixed-wet Ketton limestone

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The dataset contains time-resolved synchrotron X-ray micro-tomographic images (grey-scale and segmented) of a waterflood experiment in a mixed-wet Ketton limestone sample. The tomographic images were acquired at a voxel-resolution of 3 µm and scanning time of 7 s. The data were collected at the TOMCAT beamline of the Swiss Light Source of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI SLS), with the aim to investigate pore scale processes in crude oil - brine - rock systems. Understanding such pore-scale processes is important for applications such as oil- recovery and environmental remediation. Further details on experimental protocols can be found in Rücker (2018). These time-resolved tomographic images can be used for investigations on flow dynamics in mixed-wet systems as well as for validation of pore-scale displacement models such as direct simulations, pore-network and neural network models.


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  • Willem-Bart Bartels (Lievense)
  • Steffen Berg (Shell Global Solutions International B.V.)
  • Frieder Enzmann (University of Mainz)
  • Arne Jacob (University of Mainz)
  • Hassan Mahani (Shell)
  • Niels Brussee (Shell Global Solutions B.V.)
  • Christian Hinz (Math2Market GmbH)
  • Apostolos Georgiadis (Shell Global Solutions International BV)
  • Christian Wagner (Math2Market GmbH)


Feb. 21, 2019


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