Spontaneous Imbibition

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We provide data from investigation on spontaneous imbibition for both SCAL-sized plugs and mini-plugs, spanning length scale from the sub-pore scale to Darcy scale. Data is discussed in https://doi.org/10.1029/2018WR024541 "Imaging Spontaneous Imbibition in Full Darcy‐Scale Samples at Pore‐Scale Resolution by Fast X‐ray Tomography" published in Water Resources Research. Note that in the paper, for dynamic images, the scan time 1 was for 11 minutes, followed by a a pause of 50 minutes, then scan time 2 was for 11 minutes, etc. Thus the time elapsed (delta t) reported in the paper should be 2 hours. For the other samples the time in the above paper was was reported correctly.


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  • Maja Rücker (Imperial College London)
  • Marijn Boone (Tescan XRE)
  • Tom Bultreys (Ghent University)
  • Veerle Cnudde (Universiteit Gent)


Dec. 1, 2018


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