Keathley Canyon 151 Sediment Cores

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Medical CT scans of 38 cores from Site Keathley Canyon 151 in the northern Gulf of Mexico drilled by the Gas Hydrate Joint Industry Project led by Chevron in 2005. Please see Winters et al 2008 ( for description of physical properties of sediments and drilling location. Samples were scanned at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in 2011 after hydrates had dissociated. The scans were collected using a Universal Systems 350 HD medical CT scanner with a voxel resolution of 0.25 mm x 0.25 mm x 1 mm. Original data in *.250 file format (raw) as 16 bit signed data in a 512x512 field and with a header offset of 8192 bytes.


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  • Ann Cook (The Ohio State University)
  • Emma Oti (The Ohio State University)
  • Edwin Buchwalter (Southwestern Energy)


Sept. 17, 2018


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