X-ray micro-tomography datasets of mixed-wet carbonate reservoir rocks for in situ effective contact angle measurements

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Three high resolution X-ray micro-tomography datasets of carbonate reservoir rock samples obtained after 20 pore volumes of waterflooding at subsurface conditions. The three samples (Sample 1, Sample 2 and Sample 3) have been aged to restore the reservoir wetting conditions (mixed-wettability). The mixed wetting conditions have been characterized by in situ effective contact angle measurements using the automated algorithm developed by AlRatrout et al., 2017 applied on the segmented images. More details can be found in Alhammadi et al., 2017: Alhammadi A.M., AlRatrout, A., Singh, K., Bijeljic, B., Blunt, M.J. In situ characterization of mixed-wettability in a reservoir rock at subsurface conditions. Scientific Reports. 7 (1), 10753 (2017).


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  • Ahmed AlRatrout (Imperial College London)
  • Branko Bijeljic (Imperial College)
  • Martin Blunt (Imperial College London)


May 17, 2018


ODC-BY 1.0

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