You are about to connect to a super computer

What you need to know...

You are tapping into the Maverick Super Computer @Texas Advanced Computing Center

This computer is focused on graphics rendering. It consists of lots of GPUs working together. It does a good job of quickly rendering your raw data in Paraview.

Paraview It can be daunting

Paraview is a highly functional program with lots of bells and whistles. Click on Open File and your image data will appear. Image states can be saved with the tools: Start Trace & Python Shell. Choose Start Trace before you render your image and Stop Trace when you have an image state you want to save. After stopping, Paraview will create a shell file which, when loaded with the Python Shell button, will bring you right back to the point you were at when you clicked Stop Trace.

Time is limited Other users want a turn

Lots of researchers from around the nation tap into Maverick every day to get their work done. To share its resources, your session will run on the system for a maximum of 4 hours. Close your session by simply exiting Paraview. NOTE: Closing the browser or tab will not end the session