Residual air in air/brine systems

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The objective of this study was to obtain pore-scale images of residual gas in three different pore structures using X-ray computed microtomography in order to measure gas ganglia capillary pressures using air/brine interfacial curvature measurements. The present data set consists of raw images of air and brine after a gravity-driven imbibition in three samples: a glass bead pack, a Boise sandstone and a Fontainebleau sandstone, acquired with various resolution (2X - 4X/5X - 10X) leading to voxel sizes ranging from 4.44 µm to 0.64 µm. All the data were acquired at the Beamline 8.3.2 (Synchrotron-based Hard X-ray Micro-Tomography) at the Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.


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  • Jonathan Ajo-Franklin (LBNL)
  • Marco Voltolini (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Sally Benson (Stanford University)


March 14, 2017


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