Three-phase drainage-imbibition cycle (Nov 2012)

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This is data for imaged drainage and imbibition experiments with three fluid phases (water, air, Soltrol oil) that comprise a spreading system. Image resolution is 9.2 microns. All files in this project are segmented, binary files with the following information: file dimensions: 695 695 410 header: 64 bytes data type: 8-bit bit order: little-endian index order: x fastest gray value id: 0=surrounding, 1=water, 2=soltrol oil, 3=air, 4=beads The sample is a mixture of 3 different sized beads (35% 600 um, 35% 850 um, and 30% 1000–1400 um). Average grain size was 900 um. Porosity is 0.37. Density in kg/m3 for air, water and oil and was 1.2, 1000 and 790, respectively. Viscosity in cP for air, water and oil was 0.018, 1 and 4.82, respectively. The pairwise interfacial tensions in dynes/cm were: 71 for air/water, 37 for oil/water, and 25 for air/oil.


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May 11, 2016


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