Induced fracture network and a hydraulic fracture in a shale sample

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Fluid flow in complex fracture systems near wellbore is influenced by heterogeneous fluid pathway structure, proppant distribution and stress-induced fracture aperture change. The current physical experiments and pore scale simulations only study the multiphase flow properties of hydraulic fracture (HF) with no proppant while the multiphase flow properties of induced fracture network (IFN) and HF with proppant are not available. This data contains the binary images of IFN, HF and HF with proppant. The 3D binary images are obtained from original 3D grayscale CT images after median filtering and thresholding. The imaged fracture samples are collected from a shale oil reservoir in China. The fracture samples in this project can be USED to study the fluid flow properties and mechanical properties in complex fracture systems; please see the related publication.


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  • Jun Yao (China university of petroleum (East China))


Nov. 9, 2022


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