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The tomogram and segmentation of Bentheimer, Castlegate, and Leopard Sandstones. For Bentheimer sandstone, it is segmented into pore, quartz, feldspar, clay region and high-density mineral. For Castlegate sandstone, the samples are segmented into three phases, including pore, quartz, and clay region. For Leopard, the additional high-density mineral phase is identified. The images can be utilized to specifically analyze clay effects, which most studies ignore (or merge together with the solid or open-pore space). Also, the NMR-related properties of each phase can be derived by matching the simulation results to experimental data (e.g. surface relaxivity, magnetic susceptibility). The images are in netCDF format, which can be visualized by 'ncview'. This is free software licensed under the Gnu General Public License version 3.


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  • Christoph Arns (UNSW Sydney)
  • Igor Shikhov (UNSW Sydney)


March 1, 2022


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