Micro-tomographic imaging of the dissolution of trapped nitrogen gas with and without dissolution fingering

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These data sets contain reconstructed micro-CT images of trapped nitrogen gas in porous media during the dissolution process and the formation of dissolution fingering. In total, eight data sets are available. Each data set contains the reconstructed micro-CT images obtained in different observation time during dissolution process. Seven of the data sets were performed by packing various granular particle sizes and ranges inside a 10-mm-diameter-cylindrical-container. Another data set was performed by packing granular particles inside a 20-mm-diameter-cylindrical-container. The dissolution fingering formation can be observed in some of the data sets in the packing inside a 10-mm-diameter-cylindrical-container. Clearer dissolution fingering formation can be observed inside a 20-mm-diameter-cylindrical-container. These datasets were presented and utilized in the paper of "Effects of Dissolution Fingering on Mass Transfer Rate in Three-Dimensional Porous Media" (see Related Publications) in Water Resources Research in 2021. Full details of the experimental setup, procedure, and imaging analysis can be found in the paper and supporting information.


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  • Yingxue Hu (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Muhammad Nasir (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
  • Chunwei Zhang (Tokyo institute of technology)
  • Tetsuya Suekane (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


April 28, 2021


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