Pore scale study of water adsorption and subsequent methane transport in clay in the presence of wettability heterogeneity

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In this project, we used a D3Q19 LBGK lattice Boltzmann model (LBM) to simulate water adsorption and condensation in a 3D reconstructed clay pore structure based on BIB-SEM images analysis. The subsequent methane flow as a function of water saturation was simulated using a MRT local effective viscosity (LEV) LBM. Different surface wettability conditions are considered including a water-wet case, a water-repellent case and a mixed-wet case. The dataset includes: 1) the original reconstructed clay geometry file (binary where 0-pore space and 1-solid clay), 2) the clay/liquid water/pore space geometry files after water adsorption simulation at five water saturation values (0-pore space, 1-solid clay, 3-condensed water), 3) the velocity fields of methane flow at Sw=0 with or without consideration of slip flow at the solid boundary 4) the velocity fields of methane flow at three water saturation values.


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  • Masa Prodanovic (The University of Texas at Austin)
  • Christopher Landry (The University of Texas at Austin)


March 24, 2020


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