Water-wet three-phase flow micro-CT tomograms

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This dataset contains 3D images of a Ketton water-wet rock saturated with two or three phases (KI-doped brine, iododecane-doped decane and nitrogen). The images were obtained at two different resolutions (5 and 2 micrometres per voxel side) using a laboratory based X-ray micro-CT scanner. We provide raw data after each of the following injection steps: - dry image - oil injection in a fully brine saturated sample (OI) - first waterflooding (WF1) - gas injection (GI) - second waterflooding (WF2) Due to the use of some dopants, the attenuation order of the phases to X-rays is the following, from least attenuating (darkest) to most attenuating (brightest) ones: 1) gas 2) brine 3) rock 4) oil Please use doi:10.17612/P7HT11 within your citation for correct tracking.


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  • Kamaljit Singh (Imperial College London)
  • Martin Blunt (Imperial College London)


Sept. 5, 2018


ODC-BY 1.0

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