X-ray CMT images of abiotic carbonate precipitation in porous media from a supersaturated solution

Third precipitation scan (Scan 3) Analysis Data

This dataset depicts the phase segmentation results for the representative XY-sliced images from scan 3, where the carbonate saturation levels are denoted by color variation. The sand pixels are depicted in brown, while void in black. The remaining carbonate pixels were categorized into the following six classes based on the their CaCO3 saturation levels (Scc): (a) Scc = 0% (i.e., air void pixel), (b) 0% < Scc < 25%, (c) 25% ≤ Scc < 50%, (d) 50 ≤ Scc < 75%, (e) 75% ≤ Scc < 100%, and (f) Scc = 100%, in which the pixels are completed filled with CaCO3.

View Sample: Coarse sand with carbonate precipitation
Originating data
Third precipitation scan (Scan 3)


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