Downscaling-based segmentation for unresolved images of highly heterogeneous granular porous samples

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We propose a simple and efficient algorithm of downscaling followed by segmentation to reconstruct the unresolved pore space from X-ray computed tomography (XCT) images of natural geological porous media columns. Contrary to widely employed single and multilevel threshold-based segmentation, the proposed method is based on a continuous map between pixel intensity and local pixel porosity that does not rely on the definition of arbitrary thresholds. The approach is used to generate a high-resolution binary image of the porous medium from poorly resolved grey-scale images while preserving available sub-resolution information.


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  • Xiaofan Yang (Beijing Normal University)
  • John Zachara (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • Timothy Scheibe (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
  • ilenia battiato (Stanford University)


March 7, 2018


ODC-BY 1.0

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