High resolution X-ray micro-tomography datasets for in-situ effective contact angle analysis in carbonate rocks

Ketton_rock_trapped_oil_Filtered_SSa Analysis Data

The image contains the filtered dataset of a subset (SSa) obtained after a drainage-imbibition cycle. The original image was filtered with a non-local means edge preserving filter to remove noise. Here, black, dark gray and light gray represent oil, brine and rock respectively. Usage notes: The tomographic data can be imported as .raw files on an open source software ‘ImageJ’ (http://imagej.nih.gov/ij). ImageJ has many available plugins for image processing and analysis. For three-dimensional visualization, the data can be loaded on an open source software ‘Drishti’ (https://github.com/nci/drishti/wiki). The data can also be loaded and processed on a commercial software ‘Avizo’ (https://www.fei.com/software/amira-avizo/), which is a powerful tool for data processing and analysis.

View Sample: Trapped oil in a Ketton limestone sample - Subset SSa
Originating data


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Image Type 16-bit Unsigned
Width 630
Height 410
Number of Slices 510
Byte Order little-endian